Thursday, 28 November 2013

Summer is here!

Yay! The warm weather is coming! And with it brings, fun, xmas, parties and late nights.. Though not sure there will be much partying going on this year with now 2 kids in tow! It is my favourite part of the year when we get to wind down and look back on the amazing things we have achieved both in our business and as a family and where we start to look towards to the new year and the amazing and exciting opportunities that may come our way.

Our house plans are slowly moving forward, our architect is busily working with the engineer getting everything signed off structurally before we submit to council, which should (hopefully!) ensure the smooth sailing of our application to build. I will be one excited lady once we get that final tick of approval from council. I can't wait until the 1st of Jan so i can finally say we are going to build THIS year - omg super duper excited!

The pics below really shows where we are heading. Our kitchen is entirely black - including the tap ware - it is certainly going to be a statement! My dreams are filled of cooking and entertaining in this space!

concrete floors, floor to ceiling glass, open fireplaces & crisp white plaster work with recessed lighting!

all black kitchen! Everything hidden - can't wait to see this finished
Little Miss M's room is nearly finished - well in my mind it is!! Wallpaper is finalised and beaded light fitting has been purchased. It is definately not a 'girly pink' room, but hopefully something that she loves and keeps for many many years to come!

black beaded chanderlier for Little Miss M's room

Wallpaper from Schumacher
This xmas break whilst our business is quite will see me spend quite a bit of time in Melbourne sourcing finishes, fixtures and finalising furniture pieces. For be past 10 years we have held off purchasing furniture so the only thing we are taking to our new home will be 3 x original bentwood dining chairs which i have restored - everything else is going to be new!! Though hopefully it doesn't feel too much like a furniture showroom, i am hoping i can throw a few vintage pieces in there which will soften and make it feel a bit more homey!

Yep, totally excited about the new year - it is going to be huge. No doubt lots of challenges, but wow there will be some huge highs too!

Have a great weekend..

Kell xoxxx

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Nearly Another Year Down!

Last week our little Mr T turned 3!! My little baby boy is not so little anymore and a great day was had - though as with most parties there were tears and tantrums and way too much sugar. I have vowed that i will not be throwing a party like this again, as fun as it was i had way too much food and way too many options that all contained way too much sugar!!

The party was simply and quickly thrown together (bit hard to plan anything too elaborate with a newborn who does NOT want to be put down - EVER) with a few finds from etsy in particular the lovely Mel at Sweet & Snazzy who helped out with the printables and a very clever sister-in-law who made Mr T's dreams come true with his Lion birthday cake!

So now that his birthday is done and dusted i have cleaned out the cupboards of all the sugar nasties (goodbye lollies, chips, biscuits etc) which have found there way into the pantry during my pregnancy and made way for our healthy life to get back on track (hello, cacao powder, chai seeds, kale chips!). I also purchased Lorna Jane's new book MORE which i have read and LOVE. It took me a bit to get through it as i could only manage a few pages during middle of the night feeds, but it has given me so much inspiration and motivation to get back on track. And not just my weight or fitness but my whole life. Prior to kids i was the one who had all her goals and dreams written and plastered on my walls and office, i was always trying new recipes and foods or reading self help books such as 'the secret' and the classic 'The Laws of Attraction'. I always knew where i was heading and had a clear path of how i had to get there in my mind. Lately i feel like i am floating. No goals written with deadlines, no action plan for where i want to be. And i have that lethargic lazy feeling of complacement that comes with not pushing yourself or striving for more.

SO i have vowed to eat amazing healthy yummy food and start planning my goals again! I am super excited, the healthy eating is challenging but i am starting to feel really good again (mind you it has only been four days! i will let you know if i can keep this up!). With the new year quickly approaching i am excited about what is coming my way!!

House inspiration is coming thick and fast this week - it always does when the new magazines come out - Belle this month has an amazing house featured by the super talented team at Ian Halliday's BKH, the decking on this pool is superb and exactly the look i am after: simple, stunning and of so chic!

No engagments booked in this weekend! Yay.. so you will find me at the farmers markets bright and early on saturday morning and then relaxing for the weekend!

Have a great one xxx