Saturday, 1 June 2013

First Post!

inspiration for our new home

Wow! Excited and a bit scared all at once, my very first blog post!

So here I am! A Pile of Lovely is exactly that – a pile of lovely things/words/images that catch my eye and inspire me.

I am in the process of working with our architect to build our new home so a lot of my findings are design orientated and directed at beautiful interior spaces and products. I have a love for anything concrete, with grey, black and white being my fav hues and I am obsessed with peonies!

Having a toddler as well as a second on the way (due in October) I also find myself loitering around the beautiful world of kids fashion and interiors as well as how to nurture them and help them grow into amazing young adults.

I my effort to be the best mother and wife possible I am also constantly on the look out for ways to better understand myself, grow and be as positive and happy as possible (even on those bad unbearable days!). Being healthy and happy is the motto in our house and we are always trying out new recipes and experimenting with healthy options – currently our love at the moment are these amazing balls from Nat Kringoudis  of Fertile Body Heart & Soul fame.
via: Fertile Body Heart & Soul
There are so many blogs that I love and I will post them up here as I go along.. though the first four are my total faves and I usually pore over them with a cup of tea before getting into my day.
 Table tonic - Louise's blog has the most amazing finds from fashion, homewares, healthy living and also has the cutest little shop by the same name in Avalon, Sydney.

Design Files - this daily blog keeps me up to date with the best Australian Design (very melbourne based) has to offer - it has the coolest stuff and the most amazing house profiles.

SouloMamma  - Lisa's blog is so beautiful and honest. Her posts resonate with me and her honesty is so refreshing and nuturing.

Beetle Shack - Emily's blog is like having coffee with your best friend where she talks about motherhood and the general day to day stuff of running a house with 2 little ones and a newborn plus a amazing hubby who somedays i wish was mine!

If you happen to stumble across this little blog please hang around and sign up for my weekly ramblings, pics and other stuff that I find along my travels. Or follow me on pinterest where I tend to spend way too much time!

Take care

Kell xo

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