Saturday, 26 October 2013

Little Miss Mia Rose has arrived!

In what has been a huge couple of months for me, i finally have my sweet little miss in my arms! Of course she had to be different and was breach through the entire pregnancy! No amount of upside down stretching, exercises, yoga poses or invertvention from the doctors to try and turn her were successful much to my dismay so on 30 Sept 13 our little miss was pulled from my belly via c-section!

Little Miss is settling in ok, she doesn't settle as easily as Mr T did but she gives the most gorgeous smiles (yes i know it is wind!) and at 2am those little flickers of smiles are what get me through the continuous cuddling and rocking - she just doesn't like to be put down!

Our house is slowly coming along. I didn't realise the time involved and the work you needed to do before submitting to council. It is such a process, one that i am definately enjoying but now with no bedroom for Little Miss i really want to get into our home.

Our wonderful architect is currently preparing all the drawings for tender, this is the scary part, hopefully in a few weeks we will know if our dream home is going to become a reality or if it is going to need a good dose of cutting back and compromise - compromise is certainly not something i am going to enjoy, but hopefully we are close to budget and don't have to scale too many things back.

Hopefully i can load up some pics of the design shortly so you can get a feel for where i am heading. I think we have nailed the colour palette so that is a good thing, it makes it easier to narrow down your choices when the colours are chosen. Our vibe is a bit scandi with a white interior and blocks of black, polished concrete and natural oak flooring along with some amazing stone walls should complete the look - super excited!!

Royal Oak Floors | Timber Flooring Specialists | American Oak Floors | Product Gallery
Loving these floorboards (image credit:

I have been loving so many varied things lately, especially new baby finds, ouf course the never ending home ideas, plus i have just started working my way through an AMAZING e-book by Rachel MacDonald and Tara Bliss called 'Sprited: Soulful lessons on clarity, connection and coming home (to you). I am trying to read a few paragraphs a day (it is so hard finding a bit of me time with a newborn and 3 year old!!) but it is just something to remind me that our lives are amazing and that even when things aren't so rosy there are still little pockets of our lives that are wonderful and special.

Here are a few links for you to check out if you have the time!!

E-Book: Spirited
Beautiful Baby Quilts (as seen on Decor8)
My Pinterest Page has so many varied boards that i have been updating!

Have an amazing week, i have a Jungle Party for Mr T to plan this week, which is going to be so much fun, he is one very excited little boy.

Lots of love, Kell xxx

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