Thursday, 12 December 2013

Holidays & Happy Times

Wow the year is flying by! I just battled the shops with Mr T and Little Miss this morning and seriously it was as if xmas was tomorrow!! There was people everywhere, kids screaming & NO CAR PARKS!

We escaped with only one tantrum - Mr T wanted one of those trolley baskets in woolworths and with so many people around, trying to manouver him and the pram was going to be a nightmare, so i said no and my beautiful boy who had been SO well behaved turned into a monster who proceeded to throw himself on the ground and have a tanty - which then made his little sister scream as well - i wanted to throw myself down with him, but i tried to reason with him and then when that was not working i just picked him up and carried him down an aisle where he saw craft glue and wanted it so thankfully he calmed down and forgot about the basket! Phew, it could have been so much worse!

With only a week of our business open before we close for xmas i am so looking forward to just slowing down and relaxing as a family. Taking our boat out on the water for a spot of fishing, sitting down by the river and just enjoying life! Prior to our children we just worked, worked, worked. So it is nice now to enjoy the sunshine and catch up with friends who are home.

I am off on a little roadtrip to melbourne tomorrow (can't wait) hubby has promised to take Little Miss whilst i hit the shops!! (look out Zara!) it will be so nice to be childless for even a few hours to relax and find myself a new dress for xmas day.

House plans have been a little quite this last couple of weeks as we are still with the engineer (boring!) but i did find these super cool stones (cushions) which would look so great scatter around the house! Perfect for little kids to jump, cuddle and play on.

And if you are wondering i am still on my healthy living and eating.. green smoothies are my daily wake up - seriously they give you so much energy throughout the morning, if i miss a day i just feel so sluggish!

And i am now on instragram - totally addicted to this - i have to thank my girlfriend @misskatadams88 for that, she has me hooked! You can follow me @kellstoll

Have a great week everyone hope your xmas lead up is stress free!!


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