Thursday, 16 January 2014

2014 Here We Are!!

Well i am back! and cannot believe that we are already halfway through January - seriously time just flies quicker every year - or is it that once you get older you realise just how precious our time is!!

We had a wonderful and super relaxing Christmas and New Years. It was lovely to just relax and chill out throughout this heatwave that seems to be passing through most of Australia at the moment. We even took Little Miss M on her first camping trip for a night!

Our camping spot!
I know everyone is super excited about 2014 we have all our dreams and goals out there at the moment and it is such a special time - so much promise and exciting things on the horizon for us all - it just comes down to keeping your heart and eyes open for the opportunities that may come and letting go of your fear and jumping out of your comfort zone to grab them before they pass!

Personally for me my goal is to stop worrying what other people are thinking and just be the best version possible of me! Sounds simple doesn't it!

I have stuck to my healthy eating through the festive season and can count the glasses of wine and champagne i had on one hand - that is certainly a first for me!

My little family and I are really focused on being as healthy and happy as possible this year. We have pretty much been eating a Paleo diet for the past month and honestly we all feel amazing, so much energy (even when being out in these 40+ days), clean skin and for me zero mood swings - which my husband is cheering about!!

Instagram is my new love - totally addicted! You can follow me @kellstoll - to check out what recipes we have been trying and to follow my finds for our new house.

House is nearly out of the engineers! Yay, we went over the plans again during the break and realised that our gym come craft room just wasn't big enough so we are extending which means new drawings and more ticks needed from the engineer - bore! Though we are on track to start the tendering process in a few weeks and then into council in March ready to build Jun/Jul!!!!!!!!!! eeeekkk!!! Seems far away but oh so close! Fingers and toes are crossed as well as putting good vibes out into the universe for a quick approval from council!

The past few weeks have seen me spend why too much time on the ipad resulting in some very cool purchases:

Not ready to venture out into a bikini yet, so very excited to see the gorgeous tringl swimwear bringing out a underwear range! Ordered this and this.. can't wait for it to arrive!

Thanks to insta i stumbled upon Cactus Skincare - Ryan there is awesome and i ordered their samples (for only $5!!!) which were so good, so of course i then needed to get the full range which turned up last week and i am in total LOVE, even hubby is using the clay mask which would have to be my number 1 pick! Totally natural it is a very simple routine that works for my skin.. very happy girl x

Also as many of you would have already seen the gorgeous lorna jane posted this vid and i tell you at 49 she looks AMAZING and goes to show what the benefits of active living  are.. LJ you are such an inspiration!

One of my favourite recipes this week has been from the amazing Teresa Cutter from Healthy Chef Pumpkin Bread! it is SO easy and quick to make and is great toasted and topped with fruit and coconut yogurt for breakfast YUM!!

Hopefully next post will see our house plans finalised! Now my attention is really starting to focus on finishes and fixtures.. can't wait to show you what i am planning!

Stay cool during this heat

Kell xxx

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